SurRon Electric Bike

surron electric bike
Surron Electric Bike
Sur-Ron Electric Bike

There’s an environmentally-friendly ebike brand known as Sur Ron and they are getting a lot of notice of late, so we thought it might be time to explore a little about their brand. Today we’re going to check out the Sur Ron ebike models that are getting the most attention and go over some of their features so that you can see what all of the fuss about.

We’ll warn you in advance, these ebikes definitely bring the performance and they really look GOOD. Let’s take a peek at the Sur Ron X and see what you think.

The Sur-Ron’s construction

The Sur Ron X is the product of careful research and craftsmanship. With over a million dollars invested in it’s design, they’ve even won the German Red Dot award in the ‘exceptional detail’ category. What exactly does this translate out to in bike, though? Well, you get about 50 miles/3 hours of charge and an offroad bike that has a durable enough suspension for any level of rider.

You can play on it, you can do stunts, whatever you like.

Starting with the frame, you are already getting a high level of durability, as it’s made of high-pressure aluminum. It only weighs about 110 pounds, as well, giving a rider a unique level of control. This is due to a trick in the manufacture process which applies a 6000 ton press to the aluminu,making it about 3 times stronger without making it heavier.

The addition of stainless steel into the frame helps to keep it strong while also making it rust-free. This means it’s not only light and durable, but it’s going to stay looking good for the lifetimeof your bike.  Also, unlikealot of ebikes, you’ve got standard wheels. It’s durable, good-looking, and you are definitely getting a real bike without a big environmental footprint.

surron road legal
Surron LB road legal
Let’s take a peek at the engine.

6000 watts of power in a magnetized, permanent internal motor means that you are getting some serious tech for your investment. It’s smaller than a radial flux but it gives you some superior performance. It works with a Sine Wave controller, giving you a ‘regenerative option’ that allows you to charge the bike at lower speeds (around 7.5 mph). So if you need more power then you just start coasting and the bike it going to charge up.

Without coast-charging, you’ve still got 50 miles of range to play with, and in dirt-riding there’s a lot of fun you can pack in to that. All in all, we have to say we’re impressed with the Sur Ron.

It is powered with Panasonic batteries that are level with top-end electric bikes, but it runs silent and the 2-stage drives keeps you from overheating while you test it’s performance.

Sur Ron suspension

The front and rear suspension on these models is superb and with the lighter-weight, it really is a joy to ride. You’ve got the balance that you need and it can take the shocks from a little stunt-play, it really is a pleasure to ride.  The Killah RST fork keeps you stable while you challenge the hills.

Did we mention that it comes in black?

As it turns out, it even comes in black. This model doesnt have a clutch or gears, has smoother handline, and travels very quietly. If you have a plot of land you’d like to cruise around in, you’ve got an ideal way to do it in this model. It is importantto remember that this is a dirtbike, however,and you would need to add brake lights and a few others mods to make it ‘street legal’.

Above all, this is a motorcycle for having offroad fun and at approximately $4100 it won’t break the bank. Electric motors have come a long way, it seems, and the Sur Ron X really demonstrates this.

Our final verdict: It’s simply affordable, well-made, and fun

The Sur Ron X fits the bill on what you would expect from a modern, electric bike. It’s lightweight construction, easy handling, and selectible aesthetics mean that you can get the offroad, environmentally-friendly bike that you want and you won’t have to suffer with the performance. With the charging that you can do coasting, you even get sensible savings on gas.

It’s hard to argue with this kind of design-quality and we have to say that we are impressed. There are even lighter models, such as the ‘Sur Ron Light Bee’ if you would like something a little less speedy just for cruising around, but if you want to have a good time in the hills with a stunt-level, electric bike then the Sur Ron X is definitely a perfect choice.

Give a Sur Ron a test run and see for yourself. Electric bikes have definitely come a long way.