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Stealth B-52

Hitting the open trails for sport or pleasure takes on a new meaning with the Stealth  E-Bike. Unlike any of the standard mountain bikes you may be used to, motorized bikes or e-bikes are a new standard in cycling. With the Stealth  E-Bike, you can take on any trail and considered street legal in the United States. Keep in mind that you’ll need proper licensing and insurance if you choose so.

The Stealth B-52 is a beast and visual force of modern technology that can give you a speed of 20 mph at 750 watts of juice on the street and 50 mph at 6,200 watts of juice for use on the competition circuit. While it has the strength you come to expect of a standard competitive mountain bike, you should easily conquer various types of terrains with the Bomber. With its Co-mo alloy frame, it’s built to last and can take a beating, so expect a rough ride with this durable e-bike. The battery will give you a good 50 miles of ride time and will quickly charge within a couple of hours, so you have time to recoup before hitting the trail again

stealth h52 ebike
Stealth H-52

Stealth  E-Bike Features

The Stealth  E-Bike comes with loads of features that’ll have you wanting to get your hands on this bike and take it for a spin. It carries 180mm of front travel and 250mm rear travel like many free ride mountain bikes. You can also upgrade the fork to 200mm to give you more geometry downhill. There are also six hydraulic pot brakes which you can upgrade to 8 pot if needed. A grip shifter with a 9-speed sequential gearbox and Fat Duro Razorback tires for hitting those downhill trails usually reserved for a free-ride bike. You can choose between various colors like black, blue, green, white, red, orange, or yellow for an added aesthetic look.

It has better handling than past versions to deliver a smoother thrust when you hit the throttle. Plus, you can cover more area faster with short bursts of pedal strokes at high intensity, which can double your torque at the start of the ride or out of a corner. The suspension is fine-tuned and can handle a range of riding styles and terrains.

stealth p7 ebike
Stealth P-7

With a rear-mounted gearless direct drive hub, you get 72 volts of battery and 20 battery amp hours. The 1440 watt-hour battery is Lithium Phosphate to give you optimal charge times and a range up from 25-40 miles. You’ll never have to guess how much charge you have left as the speed, odometer, battery level, voltage, and wattage readouts will keep you informed on when you need to recharge.

The Stealth  E-Bike is a synergetic blend of electricity and modern mechanics that offers silent power, high torque, and a riding experience that is out of this world. Its intrinsic suspension can handle any trail and is ready to go and take your mountain biking experience to a new level. You’ll ride with more confidence and won’t ever have to worry about compromising any comfort in your riding experience.