Bultaco Brinco E-bike

Bultaco Brinco-R
Bultaco Brinco R

Whether you want an e-bike to get around town or travel across rough terrain at fast speeds, Bultaco likely has an option to suit your needs. Bultaco offers a selection of high-quality electric bikes that benefit from the company’s experience as a motorcycle manufacturer.

Explore the complete line of Bultaco Brinco  electric bikes to find your next ride.

When Did Bultaco Enter the Electric Bike Market?

The first Bultaco Brinco electric bike was announced in 2015. The company called the product a “moto-bike,” as it was half motorcycle and half bicycle. However, people over a certain age may remember Bultaco as a Spanish manufacturer of motorcycles and trail bikes.

The company produced several popular two-stroke motorcycles before shutting down in 1983. Bultaco motorbikes were a common sight at off-road races and easily recognizable due to the company’s distinct logo with a thumbs up.

The company remerged in 2014 with two prototypes for electric motorcycles. The Bultaco Rapitan and the Rapitan Sport were released in 2015. The same year also saw the surprise introduction of a line of electric bikes, starting with the Bultaco Brinco R.

Bultaco Brinco R E-Bike Overview

The Bultaco Brinco R is the flagship e-bike of the Brinco line. It features a scaled-down version of the technology used in its latest electric motorcycles. The Bultaco Brinco electric bike includes a 2kW motor with 44 pounds per foot of torque and 2,000 watts of max power.

As the motor and pedals are independent, you have the freedom to ride with or without pedaling. You can also use the bike for motor-assisted pedaling. The power control system is controlled via a grip throttle and includes nine speeds. Pressing the overdrive button near the pedal increases the total speed to 20.

The bike has three riding modes, including Eco, Tour, and Sport. Eco mode offers 800 watts of power and ranges up to 80 kilometers with pedaling. Tour mode increases the power up to 1,500 watts and reduces the range to 50 kilometers. Sport mode boosts the power to 2,000 watts.

Without pedaling, the battery provides a maximum range of about 30 kilometers. The motor has a top speed of 60 km/h.

Bultaco Brinco RE
Bultaco Brinco RE

The Bultaco Brinco R is built for on-road and off-road riding. It has an all-aluminum frame and a total weight of 39 kilograms. The bike is placed on two 24-inch wheels with three-inch-wide tires.

The bike remains stable when traveling at faster speeds or traversing rugged terrain. However, not everyone needs a bike that works equally well off-road or on.

Bultaco has released five additional e-bikes in its Brinco line to accommodate more riders. Here is a closer look at each option.

Brinco R-B

The Brinco R-B is the company’s most affordable electric bike. It was built as an entry-level option for riders who want a less expensive bike. The main specifications include:

  • Max speed – 60 km/h
  • Colors – black and blue or black and yellow
  • Weight – 39 kg
  • Certification – lie – Moped

Despite the lower cost, the Brinco R-B can still reach speeds of 60 km/h. It also meets certification standards for mopeds.

Brinco S

The Brinco S comes equipped with road tires and features a lower seat and touring handlebars for a comfortable ride. Other specs include:

  • Max speed – 45 km/h
  • Colors – white or black
  • Weight – 42.26 kg
  • Certification – lie – Moped

The Brinco S is intended for urban riders. It is less suited for off-road riding but offers a smoother ride on roads.

Brinco RE

The Brinco RE is made for both public roads and off-road riding. As with the Brinco R, the RE has a sport seat and handlebars. Here are the specs:

  • Max speed – 45 km/h
  • Colors – red or blue
  • Weight – 42.26 kg
  • Certification – lie – Moped

The Brinco RE offers slightly less power compared to the Brinco R, allowing it to be certified as a moped.

Brinco C

The Brinco C includes off-road tires, as with the Brinco R and RE. However, it has a lower seat and touring handlebars to improve comfort when riding around the city or the country. The main specs include:

  • Max speed – 45 km/h
  • Colors – white or black
  • Weight – 42.26 kg
  • Certification – lie – Moped

    The Brinco C may be better suited for those who mostly ride in the city but want the option to go off-road.

    Brinco Discovery

    The Brinco Discovery is the latest e-bike from Bultaco. It is geared toward off-road riding and includes many of the same specs the Brinco R:

    • Max speed – 60 km/h
    • Colors – green
    • Weight – 39 kg
    • Certification – lie – Moped

    If you want an electric trail bike, the Brinco Discovery may be a good fit.

    Last Thoughts on Bultaco Brinco Electric Bikes

    Is a Bultaco Brinco e-bike a good buy? With dozens of fledgling electric bike manufacturers, Bultaco stands out as a company with a long track record. While Bultaco may have taken time off, the company now offers a complete range of e-bikes to suit any environment.

    In the end, no matter where you ride, a Bultaco Brinco e-bike is a reliable choice. Compare models to find the one that best fits your needs.

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